Personal and Professional Transition, whether planned or a surprise, come with a lot of decisions, emotions, and disruptions that can leave us feeling uncertain and stuck. The road  to getting unstuck and finding clarity is different for everyone.

Choose your path below and let’s get you unstuck!

Let’s Take a Walk

Individual Coaching Journey


Life-giving, customized, and individualized coaching is ideal for getting unstuck and increasing your confidence and capacity for taking the next steps when faced with challenging or even exciting but hard situations. Private 60-minute sessions are designed to unpack your real-time needs and unlock your opportunities, wisdom, strengths, and strategies so  you can move forward with clarity.

Group Coaching Journey

Coaching programs designed for mission-driven small teams of 10 or less folx desiring to have better alignment on work processes, goals, and/or transitions. Or, small groups of 6-10 like-minded individuals working through specific challenging professional or personal development topics.

Leadership Energy Assessment Journey

For people who want to raise their consciousness and understand how their attitude, perception, and energy impacts their leadership and relationships, the Energy Leadership Index (ELI) assessment provides insights and supports leaders towards taking positive, productive, and sustainable action.  Can be combined with Private Coaching or Positive Mental Fitness Training Program.

Positive Mental Fitness Journey

When we are stuck, moving beyond awareness and insights toward adopting life-lifting habits takes time, self-empathy, and strength building. This powerful 6-week, positive mental fitness training program is excellent for individuals and teams committed to adopting a positive and sustainable mindset for navigating professional and personal challenges and opportunities. Can precede Individual or Group Coaching.

Training & Workshop Journey

Customized interactive short (3 hours – 1 day) trainings and workshops on specific topics. Examples include: Health & Wellness, Decision Making, Emotional Intelligence, Relationship Management, Inclusive Leadership, etc.

Consulting & Advocacy Journey

Healthcare Quality Improvement Consulting services for healthcare leaders & advocates looking to disrupt & transform oppressive systems that perpetuate illness & limit equitable access to quality care for marginalized & minoritized people.

Packages and Discounts

Customized Packages Available

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What it’s like to work with me

You will leave our sessions feeling celebrated, hopeful, confident, and excited about your journey because…

I am a coach who is relatable, present, and real.  I show up fully as your partner and committed supporter.

I speak with assurance and believe in my ability to attend to and tune-in to you as you journey on your path- navigating transitions with clarity, conviction, and joy.

I strive for mutual trust and you will have no concern of being judged or criticized by me. You will deeply feel safe in my presence and my ability to hold a light to your truth.

I believe you are worthy of the absolute best that life has to offer and create a safe place for you to be vulnerable, brave, and transparent while knowing and feeling that I genuinely care about your well-being.

While we engage in the coaching process, I connect with and listen to you with my entire being- filtering out logic when necessary. I listen and watch for the things that are unsaid as well as those that are said, while making room for you to define what resonates for you.

I lead our engagements by following your agenda. I make room for what is most pressing or important to you as you uncover and build on your strengths, skills, and opportunities for getting to the next desired place on your journey.  I do not rush the process and allow things to unfold for you, at your pace.

At any given time, you will have my undivided attention and will know that you are the most important person in the room.

I use my visual, auditory, intuition, and connection skills to find the cues and physical messages that will allow me to understand your issues at hand and help you find your nuggets of truth.

I treat you as an individual- respecting your time, agenda and needs. I stay up to date on effective coaching approaches, resources, and tools for professional and personal leadership development so that I can serve you well with expertise and professionalism.

I am enthusiastically affirming of you through my words and action at a level that matches your nature. I genuinely express hope and joy for your achievements as well as the growth opportunities ahead.

I show up confident and fully capable- focused on providing the best I have to offer so that you can discover and live into the best that you have to offer your family, community, work, and the world.


Individual & Group Coaching
Healthcare Advocate Consulting
Trainings & Workshops
Positive Mental Fitness Program
Energy Leadership Assessment Podcast/Speaking Engagements

Placide Coaching & Consulting

Because the world needs you and we need you to be well.

People.  Passion.  Purpose.

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