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Intuitive, Contemplative, Humorous, Good Natured, Wise, and Healer

I am on a mission to help us all re-member and re-connect to our beautiful essence so we can co-create a more just and joyous world.

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It’s important to find a coach that’s a good fit.

  • 35+ years experience working, leading, and getting unstuck with people in several types of nonprofit, healthcare, public health, social advocate, faith-based, community-based, federal, and military organizations- from small, local start-up to expansive and established systems.
  • Been there, done that: entry level to executive/VP level positions, including rising through the officer ranks of the US Army and Public Health Service.
  • Lived experience bravely getting unstuck, navigating, and working to improve equity and quality of services in systems that historically marginalizes people who look like me (intelligent, educated, immigrant, queer, adoptive parent of a genius, same-gender married, black, womxn).
  • Certified Professional Coach from the Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC)- a top-notch training program
  • Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner (ELI-MP)
  • Positive Intelligence (PQ) Mental Fitness Practitioner
  • Teacher of Presence: School of Awakening (Eckhart Tolle)
  • Vipassana Meditation Practitioner

My Approach

After many years of experiencing getting stuck,  learning,  maturing, getting unstuck, and traversing through multiple professional and personal transitions, I am well equipped to coach people like you (mission driven, growth minded, and spiritually based leaders doing community-centered work) to move from feeling stuck to navigating transitions while experiencing confidence, clarity, conviction, and joy. 

I have learned that when I live in the now, make space for reflection, engage with trusted companions (including coaches, therapists, and faith-healers), and do the work to understand and engage my superpowers, I am able to get unstuck and flow through transitions with clarity, conviction, and joy.  This is the formula I use to anchor my coaching practice and our work together.

As your coach, I work with you to deepen your connection to your inner source of guidance, raise your consciousness about how you want to show up as a person and a leader, and strengthen your mental fitness to positively impact your performance, leadership, relationships, and overall well-being.

There is a call on your life and the world needs you to freely live into it. Thus, our work together is to move you toward prioritizing and embodying the habits that you will come to know as life-lifting; allowing you courage to get unstuck and embrace abundant freedom and confidence to move forward with the clarity and conviction necessary to serve your people well, fully engage your passion, and boldly live into your purpose.

Together we will co-create strategies that advance your emotional intelligence, leadership skills and energy, wellness habits, and positive mental fitness so that you can thrive while navigating work, career, social, and personal transitions.

Throughout my life, I have been preparing for our work together and even took the step of earning a coaching certification from the Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC), an ICF-accredited, top five coaching program (by Forbes Health, 2023).

Let’s Do This!

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More about me and my journey

My journey to becoming a master of getting unstuck started at age 7. Yup 7! That was when I experienced my first life lesson in feeling stuck. It happened when I had to live without my parents for 2 years while they sacrificially completed the process of migrating to the US from Trinidad, our birth country in the Caribbean.  Those 2 years shaped my resilience and laid the foundation for me to learn how to get unstuck, thrive, and move forward.  Fast forward 40+ years later (nope…not sharing my age) and I have experienced and learned from a lifetime of lessons about not only getting unstuck, but thriving through multiple locations, vocations, and life stations.

I learned along the way

Since that first transition at age 7, I have lived internationally and in over 20 states across the US. For 30 years, I got stuck and unstuck while climbing the public servant ladder- starting as junior officer in the US Army and retiring as a senior officer (VP level) in the US Public Health Service (PHS).  I got unstuck and shifted careers multiple times; holding roles as an individual contributor,  team lead, supervisor, manager, consultant, director, and executive director along the way. I am no stranger to stuck/unstuck experiences in my professional life; whether it was as a clinician, an administrator, or an executive leader in a federal or tribal health systems, in the US federal prison system or the US’s largest public health insurance agency, in a national organization addressing contraceptive access or a local community-driven health and justice center for BIPOC and other marginalized folx, in the US Armed Forces or Public Health Service, or in a mental health setting or primary care office. Yup, I have gotten stuck and then unstuck through multiple professional transitions.

On a personal note,  I have been blessed to get unstuck and  thrive through failed and dysfunctional relationships, cancer and chronic illness, and the senseless loss of a parent. My journey has included getting unstuck from a theology based in shame and guilt to reclaiming and expanding my Christ-based, affirming, and inclusive faith.  I have grown through navigating a deeply complex and challenging, yet beautiful and rewarding adoptive parenting journey, and have weathered through the onslaught of anti-LGBTQ+, anti-immigrant, anti-womxn, and anti-black provocations that continually threatens my life, well-being, and sense of belonging as a queer, first generation American, black womxn in nearly every space I occupy.  Yup, I get stuck and unstuck everyday through personal transitions.

Thriving Through Transitions

I got unstuck and thrived through transitions not because I knew what I was doing all the time or because I had all the answers.  Trust me, there were plenty of times when it looked really awful and I…well, I was a mess. During the messiest times, I lived with uncertainty, fear of loss or control, imposter syndrome, fear of failure, loneliness, shame, guilt, frustration, self-doubt, and depression. And yet, I got unstuck and thrived.

I get unstuck when I am willing to go beyond the point of mere self-awareness or insights about my self-limiting beliefs, actions, and judgments. And I thrive when I go beyond merely brushing up on or acquiring important and necessary leadership skills (such as problem solving, communication, team management, etc.). The beyond is where the magic happens. It is where you can expect to go in our work together. 

I get unstuck when I practice my go beyond habits which include listening for and connecting with my  truest and highest self through contemplation, meditation, prayer, reflection,  journaling, and truth-telling coupled with practicing empathy (for self and others) and accountability. These are  a few of the habits that help me to move forward while remembering and reconnecting with my beautiful essence, strengths, and  birthright to live freely and serve fully my people, passion, and purpose. 

What they are saying

After coaching with FrancXs, my behavior and ways of how I think about myself have shifted 180 degrees. FrancXs' approach allowed me to reconnect to my inner soul in ways that helped me find courage to make and even embrace change. FrancXs has been a vital resource to me!

J.R., Retired PNB Manager

Thanks for the energizing sessions, FrancXs. Because of your coaching technique I am more opened to valuable new perspectives for my life's purpose. You helped me develop a plan for what I want in my life and for my people. I am now more aware of my values and developing ways to embody them everyday. I am also now moving forward and making good choices with pride. Thank you!!

James, Delaware

FrancXs is an exceptional coach. She provides a safe space to do deep work. She also has incredible intuition and seems to know the perfect questions to ask to glean insights that I wasn't aware of before working with her.

L.P. California

FrancXs is an incredible coach who is intuitively able to understand what the client is looking for, and what's blocking them from making the sustainable change that they want. My time with FrancXs was game changing - I came away with not only answers that I was seeking, but a release from weights and baggage I had been carrying.

Shawna S., San Francisco, CA


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