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FrancXs Placide
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I am FrancXs Placide

Certified Professional Coach

I know that leaders (especially womxn, LGBTQ+, and other marginalized folx) called to healthcare & community-centered work are among the most powerful yet vulnerable warriors who are co-creating a better world.  As such, an investment in their personal and leadership development with a certified coach fortifies beyond their individual well-being and leadership; it is a commitment to advancing families, communities, and social justice for all.

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In my coaching practice, I make space for and uplift all change agents seeking to get unstuck and move forward when faced with hard work or life situations, be they challenging and stressful or exciting and fulfilling. And, I unapologetically attend to people who are often unseen and overlooked (womxn, black, brown, and other people of color, LGBTQ+ folx, neuro-atypical persons, and immigrant community members); those whose lives, contributions, and performances are historically and still often impacted and burdened by the destructive power of dominating and oppressive forces, and inequitable systems.

Explore. Discern. Act.

What they are saying

After coaching with FrancXs, my behaviors and ways of how I think about myself have shifted 180 degrees. FrancXs' approach allowed me to reconnect to my inner soul in ways that helped me find courage to make and even embrace change. FrancXs has been a vital resource to me!

J.R., Retired PNB Manager

Thanks for the energizing sessions, FrancXs. Because of your coaching technique I am more opened to valuable new perspectives for my life's purpose. You helped me develop a plan for what I want in my life and for my people. I am now more aware of my values and developing ways to embody them everyday. I am also now moving forward and making good choices with pride. Thank you!!

James, Delaware, Community Leader

FrancXs is an exceptional coach. She provides a safe space to do deep work. She also has incredible intuition and seems to know the perfect questions to ask to glean insights that I wasn't aware of before working with her.

Lori P. California, Vice-President

FrancXs is an incredible coach who is intuitively able to understand what the client is looking for, and what's blocking them from making the sustainable change that they want. My time with FrancXs was game changing - I came away with not only answers that I was seeking, but a release from weights and baggage I had been carrying.

Shawna S., San Francisco, CA


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Positive Mental Fitness Program
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